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Consulting & Expediting Services: 

Our consulting division at Shripal Metal Limited offers extensive support in project management and logistics, encompassing tasks such as sourcing skilled engineers and technical experts, liaising with regulatory authorities, and scrutinizing technology procedures and processes. Additionally, we provide valuable guidance on technology selection for specialized applications, employee training, and expediting services, all geared towards guaranteeing the punctual and successful completion of projects.

Custom Supplies:

Shripal Metal Limited's Custom Supplies service specializes in meeting individualized requirements for steel and various metals, including industrial raw materials. With a focus on tailored solutions, we offer expertise in material selection and customization, ensuring materials seamlessly integrate into specific projects. Our extensive knowledge of alloys and metals, along with precise dimension capabilities, allows us to deliver quality-assured products that meet industry standards. From providing corrosion-resistant steel for marine applications to supplying unique alloys for aerospace components, our Custom Supplies service exemplifies our commitment to meeting diverse and intricate client needs.


Shripal Metal Limited's Construction division excels in executing Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) projects, primarily focusing on infrastructure development. This encompasses meticulous planning and design, procurement of necessary materials and resources, and the physical implementation of projects. With a tailored approach to each unique project, our expertise predominantly lies in vital infrastructure sectors like roads, bridges, airports, and more. The end-to-end EPC approach ensures seamless coordination and risk management, while rigorous adherence to quality standards guarantees that final deliverables meet or exceed client expectations. Overall, our Construction services play a pivotal role in enhancing the fabric of communities and regions through the realization of vital infrastructure projects.

Bespoke & Spool Fabrication: Tailored Solutions for Piping Needs:

Shripal Metal Limited's Bespoke & Spool Fabrication service is a specialized offering that addresses the unique demands of piping projects with precision and efficiency. This service encompasses two key elements: pre-fabricated pipe spools and customised fabrication. Pre-fabricated pipe spools are meticulously crafted sections of piping, engineered in controlled environments to exact project specifications. These spools streamline on-site assembly, fitting seamlessly into existing systems. Customised fabrication involves crafting tailor-made components such as fittings and connectors, vital for non-standard applications. This service offers flexibility in design and ensures optimal performance within the specific systems they serve.

Consulting & Expediting Services

  • BOQ Generation

  • Piping Design Vetting


  • Assembly & Site welding

  • Finishing

Bespoke & Spool

  • Pre-fabricated pipe spools

  • Customised Fabrication

Client-Centric Approach and Expertise:

Our approach revolves around close collaboration with clients, aligning our fabrication processes precisely with their unique project requirements. The expertise of our team spans a wide range of metals and alloys, ensuring that fabricated components meet the highest standards of quality and integrity. Throughout the fabrication process, we uphold stringent quality controls, guaranteeing that final components not only meet industry standards but exceed client expectations. Timely delivery is a cornerstone of our service, facilitated by efficient logistics and supply chain management. In essence, our Bespoke & Spool Fabrication service is a testament to our commitment to delivering tailored solutions for piping needs, contributing to the efficiency and success of diverse projects across various industries.


The following additional services complement our core offerings, reinforcing our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions tailored to the diverse needs of our clients across various industries.

Cutting Services:

CNC Laser/Plasma Cutting: Our advanced CNC (Computer Numerical Control) laser and plasma cutting services ensure precise and efficient cutting of various materials, meeting specific project requirements with accuracy.

Waterjet Cutting: Our waterjet cutting service employs high-pressure water mixed with abrasive materials to cut through a wide range of materials, offering versatility and precision in shaping components.

Polishing Services:

Matt Finish Polishing: We provide matt finish polishing services, which create a non-reflective, textured surface suitable for applications where glare reduction and aesthetics are important.

Mirror Finish Polishing: Our mirror finish polishing services result in a highly reflective and smooth surface, ideal for applications demanding a polished, pristine appearance.

Inspection Services:

TPI Service (Third-Party Inspection): We offer third-party inspection services to ensure that the materials and components we supply meet industry standards and client specifications. This impartial evaluation guarantees the quality and integrity of our products.

Material Analysis: Our material analysis services involve rigorous testing and analysis of materials to determine their composition, properties, and suitability for specific applications, providing critical data for informed decision-making.


  • CNC Laser/Plasma

  • Waterjet


  • Matt Finish

  • Mirror Finish


  • TPI Service

  • Material Analysis

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